Color and material reference guide

See below for our comprehensive color and material reference guide. Please refer to each individual product page for material limitations.

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 Color Description, NameRef. #Steel GaugeAluminumInitial Solar ReflectanceThermal EmittanceSolar Reflectance Index (SRI)
 Standard Colors2924220.0320.0400.0500.063
Classic Bronze10.010.833
Medium Bronze30.3260.8634
Chocolate Brown40.2590.8624
Concord Cream50.650.8578
Mission Red80.4130.8645
Sierra Tan90.4810.8654
Ascot White100.6930.8683
Forest Green110.2770.8527
Patina Green120.4570.8651
Dove Grey130.350.8336
Siam Blue140.340.8535
Rocky Grey160.2850.8628
Regal Blue180.2680.8423
Slate Grey200.350.8336
Slate Blue210.310.8631
Bone White260.740.8690
Hartford Green270.250.8523
Char Brown (Low Gloss)290.350.8938
Hemlock Green300.300.8630
Charcoal Grey620.300.8329
Acrylic Coated Galvalume®-970.680.1458
Mill Finish-Aluminum-99
 Color Description, NameRef. #Steel GaugeAluminumInitial Solar ReflectanceThermal EmittanceSolar Reflectance Index (SRI)
 Premium Finish2924220.0320.040.050.063
Brite Red17• 0.370.8639
Antique Patina240.260.8625
Titanium35• 0.510.8759
Clear Satin Anodized700.770.7092
Dark Bronze Anodized710.150.776
 Color Description, NameRef. #Steel GaugeAluminumInitial Solar ReflectanceThermal EmittanceSolar Reflectance Index (SRI)
 Advanta Americana Classic (stamped shingles)2924220.0320.040.050.063
Asheland Slate-AS0.440.8348
Baja Slate-BS0.270.8325
Beech Tree-BT0.380.8440
Deep Granite-DG0.250.8322
Quarry Slate-QS0.310.8431
Rocky Cliff-RC0.290.8327
Shaded Spruce-SS0.250.8322
Weathered Stone-WN0.270.8325
Willow Slate-WS0.30.8329

ATAS International, Inc. offers Sustainable Building Envelope Technology products that are coated with cool pigment paint that reflects infrared radiation, thus allowing the color to appear the same but keeping the material cooler. ATAS products may contribute to LEED ® credits and/or be rated by the CRRC ®.

The 70% PVDF finish carries a limited warranty against chalking and fading. ATAS coated materials are non-staining and virtually maintenance free. Any surface residue is easily removed with conventional cleaning solutions or detergents. Minor scratches may be touched up with an air dry touch-up coating of the same color, available from ATAS.

ATAS reserves the right to modify, eliminate and/or change its products without prior notification. Consult your ATAS representative to confirm material/color availabilities.