2 3/8″ Field-Lok

2 3/8″ Field-Lok

Panel Details:

Seam Detail
Seam Detail
Triple Lock
Triple Lock

The 2 3⁄8″ Field-Lok, FLS Series, standing seam panel features a Triple-Lok design that has been proven to outperform all roof systems in testing for wind uplift resistance. The Field-Lok incorporates a “hooked in” standing seam with a double-folded design to resist seam failure between supports, inhibit sidelap unfurling or unzipping, and add structural integrity to the roof system. Installed with expansion clips, Field-Lok accommodates for expansion and contraction of the roof system. The adjacent panel conceals the fasteners and clips. A power-driven mechanical seamer is used to interlock the panels at the site. Field-Lok has the flat pan/vertical rib profile preferred by architects for superior performance with traditional appearance. Because of its strength, watertightness and aesthetics, Field-Lok meets the new stringent building codes and specifications and is suitable for a wide range of climatic conditions. The extra-high locked standing seam adds structural integrity to the roof system.


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Florida Building Product Approval: FL 3556




.032, .040 aluminum
24, 22* ga. metallic coated steel
24 ga. 55% Al-Zn alloy coated steel with acrylic coating

Panel Coverage:

13 3⁄4″
(Stiffening ribs standard, specify without ribs or with striations)

Minimum Panel Length:


Maximum Panel Length:

Transportation limitations and/or product and project design considerations

Seam Height:

2 3⁄8″




70% PVDF


Choice of over 30 stock colors
Custom colors and finishes available*


Clear Satin
Dark Bronze


A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge, and finish or as specified

Minimum Slope:

1⁄2″ : 12

Florida Building Product Approval:

FL 3556

MCA Certification:


Optional sealant is available


*Subject to minimum quantities and extended lead time
Inquire for material and panel coverage availability